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The foundation of every successful relationship is built upon trust

The A-Team

Experienced construction & construction law professionals with extensive understanding of the construction process working as a team on your behalf

Proven Track Record

Professionally completed projects finished on time, within budget with complete client satisfaction

Early Dispute Recognition, Prevention and Resolution

Unique ability and focus on foreseeing exposure and preventing and or mitigating problems

Expertise & Knowledge

Hundreds of years of combined job-site, managerial and construction law experience


A superior, comprehensive array of services offered at competitive rates


"Fidevia can always be trusted. Throughout the process, I knew they had me covered and regardless of the time of day, the circumstance or issue, Dan and his team were a phone call away. I refer to Fidevia as my "problem preventers" and where the problem cannot be prevented, they solve it without fanfare. They are the quiet protectors any District would want on their side.
- Pedro Rivera, Former Secretary of Education
Pennsylvania Department of Education
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