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Fidevia offers an array of customized consulting and advisory services to suit our clients’ needs. These services are billed on an hourly rate basis and are customizable. All consulting and advisory services are available in-person, fully remote or a hybrid of both.  Please contact us for a free consultation.

Bidding / Procurement - Fidevia has a reputation for encouraging strong contractor engagement. This translates to a competitive bid day result for our clients.
  • Prepare Bidding Documentation  

  • Proactively Ensure Contractor Engagement 

  • Bid Protest Review and Management

  • Contract Review / Management


Distressed Project Management - If a project requires realignment, Fidevia can intervene to reduce negative exposure for its clients. 

  • Realignment of Project Veering Off Course  

  • Project History Documentation and Analysis  

  • Exposure Analysis  

  • Performance & Payment Bond Analysis  

  • Cost to Complete Estimating  

  • Resolution of Complex Disputes  

  • Recovery Plans & Execution Schedule

  • Contract Default & Termination Prevention  

  • Project Completion  Supports

  • Cost Mitigation Planning


Project Advisory - Fidevia recognizes the value of managing and settling a dispute amicably, honorably and without impact to reputation, resources and the bottom line. 

  • Project Delivery Method Analysis and Execution  

  • Delay Claim, Financial & Schedule Analysis  

  • Construction Dispute Analysis  

  • Risk Reward Analysis  

  • Mitigation / Resolution Strategies and Implementation  

  • Claim Resolution and Mediation  


Other Valuable Services - Fidevia will be there by your side to analyze, protect and resolve whatever arises, no matter how high the stakes
  • Project Closeout Review and Audit Documents

  • Financial Analysis 

  • Management Analysis 

  • Management of Entire Construction Companies 

  • Construction Defects 

  • Standard of Care Issues 

  • Bankruptcies 

  • School Facilities Assessments and Supports

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The services listed above are only a sampling of what Fidevia has to offer. If you have any questions or needs for advisory services, please contact us for a free consultation.

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