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Project Highlight: Fulton Financial Corporation

By: James Miller

Fidevia has organically become known as the K-12 Construction Experts; however, our expertise and relationships extend well beyond the public school sector. Nine years ago, in the humble beginnings, Fulton Financial Corporation (FFC) invited Fidevia to oversee a new bank construction project in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Since then, the relationship has grown through the successful completion of over a dozen projects throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Impressed with Fidevia’s unique knowledge and expertise, FFC expanded our involvement to include oversight of larger remodeling projects vulnerable to circumstances that can easily arise and derail a project, like structural issues, codes, budget and tenant / landlord relations.

Although Fidevia has seen a lot in its 18 years of operations, the coronavirus pandemic was certainly uncharted waters. When the pandemic hit, FFC had projects in various stages of construction in multiple states. As a team, FFC, Fidevia and Contractors were able to complete the projects within a timeline and budget agreed to by all parties, navigating turbulent and continuously changing local health, code and logistical challenges.

Fidevia truly appreciates its partnership with FFC and looks forward to a bright future together.


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