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Meet Melanie Heckel: Director of Preconstruction

Melanie Heckel, Director of Preconstruction and Contract Administration will celebrate her 16th anniversary with Fidevia this Fall. Prior to joining Fidevia in 2004, Melanie was an at-home mom to her three children. In life “BC” (Before Children), she was a paralegal for law firms in Lancaster, PA and Gaithersburg, MD, primarily in the practices of real estate & corporate law. Upon joining Fidevia, Melanie served in the firm’s construction administration department, as the office liaison to Fidevia’s on-site field representatives. The new Lititz Elementary School, Melanie’s first project, remains one of her most favorite of the many projects she’s been involved with. During her free time, Mel enjoys gardening (Former Member of the Conestoga Herb Guild), camping, vacationing in Maine and all things Italian- food, wine & travel. A fun fact some may not know about Melanie is that she has been told a time or two that she puts the ‘fan’ in “fanatical” Penn State Fan.


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