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Meet James Miller: Managing Director of Preconstruction

Meet James Miller, Managing Director of Preconstruction, and one of the longest standing Fidevians! Born in Scotland, James studied at Ayr College, Glasgow College of Building and Printing and then Glasgow Caledonian University, graduating with a BSC (Hons) in Building Surveying. After University, he was employed as a General Contractor in Scotland working on supermarket remodels and bank ATM installations. In 2001, James married his wife in Scotland and together they moved to America in 2004. After initially working for Giant & JCPenney when he first arrived in the States, James officially joined Fidevia in 2004. Some of his fond memories during his years with Fidevia include Rod’s Christmas gifts for Marie & Mel, Dan’s birthday surprise at the new office & singing karaoke, to name a few.

Some fun facts many may not know about James are that he is a Philly soccer fan, “Go Union!” He also loves the outdoors and hiking. James once did the Scottish Lowland hike that took three days to complete. Finally, rather than drinking his beer, James prefers “chewing” it! [Fidevia editorial comment: keep in mind this is also an individual who enjoys haggis as a breakfast treat!]


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