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Beyond the Jobsite...

Our job as an Owner’s Representative is to be the clients’ eyes and ears on the project, spot problems and prevent them from happening, ensure that the project runs smoothly, finishes on-time and within budget. But in addition to all those things and an element some forget… we try to make the process fun and enjoyable!

A majority of Fidevia’s projects are in the Education Marketplace, so throughout the years we have participated in and/or hosted a variety of educational sessions, tours, celebrations, etc. to not only get the community engaged and excited about the project, but to also educate the students about construction.

In 2018, Fidevia began partnering with Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology on a summer internship program with the goal of providing students with hands on construction management experience. In addition to the summer internship program, Fidevia often partners with Thaddeus Stevens to provide tours to its students of our current construction projects.

Beyond tours and internships, we also love opportunities to explain the construction process to students of the districts in which we are working. Most recently, Construction Managers Austin Harmes and Andrew Shuey were invited to speak with a classroom of elementary students answering all of their questions about the West Shore Intermediate School project they see outside their classroom window every day. At the end, the Site Superintendent brought a mini excavator up for them to see!

Our role as your Owner’s Representative extends beyond the jobsite. We work with our clients to ensure not only a successful project but a fun project for all parties involved!


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