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Project Highlight: Reading School District

Seven years ago, Fidevia was hired as Reading School District’s construction manager for the renovation of its four middle schools, unknowing of the great relationship that would form with the Reading School District.

In 2013, Reading School District (RSD) had just reorganized their executive body with a new energetic leadership team when Fidevia was brought on board. The project was not a complete building renovation, but rather a combination of immediate building needs in the four middle schools built in the 1920s and 1930s. The renovations included roofing, new windows, complete exterior masonry repairs, HVAC upgrades, and select classroom renovations. Although the project finished successfully, the most rewarding outcome was, not the finished product itself but, the mutual trust and great working relationship that had fostered between Fidevia and RSD.

The relationship continued to grow stronger with time. First, Fidevia worked alongside RSD to help manage all of their construction projects, to eventually becoming the District’s Construction Program Manager, assisting to prioritize projects based level of needs. Together, Fidevia and RSD put into action an enthusiastic plan to address the twenty-six buildings that were in great need of repair and upgrades. The needs focused on ADA compliance, safety issues, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) needs and building envelope performance, which included, roofing, windows and exterior walls. Fidevia has since, with help from the District, developed a Six-Year Master Plan to address these needs which would not have been possible if not for the caring and financial acuity of their Executive Team.

Crane in front of the Reading High School for the current Elevator Project.

As their Program Manager, Fidevia also suggested different approaches for procurement of the repair/upgrade work that needed to be done in order to complete it as cost-efficiently as possible, within state guidelines.

In addition, Fidevia determines how any particular project should be handled depending on the type of project. For certain projects an architect may be used, or it may be determined that a MEP engineer would be more appropriate saving the District from extra costs. At times, Fidevia has managed up to 15 projects at a time, some smaller and some larger. For example, projects included: chillers for six schools, boilers for two schools, new fire alarm systems for two schools, new roofs for ten schools, the Reading High School Renovation, parking garage renovations and many smaller, but necessary projects.

2013 was just the beginning of a great relationship with the Reading School District. The past seven years have been a rewarding experience especially seeing the positive changes in their buildings and the appreciation of the teachers and staff working in them. Fidevia takes pride in all of the projects completed with the RSD and is proud to be their partner. We look forward to a continued successful working relationship in all of their future renovation and building needs.

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