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  • Full-Service Owner Representative

  • Conceptual Planning & Goal Setting

  • Master Plans & Feasibility Studies

  • Budget Creation & Cost Estimating

  • Establishment of Participant Rights & Obligations

  • Value Engineering & Constructability Reviews

  • Schedule Development & Preparation

  • Preparing and Maintaining Professional Requests for Proposals

  • Creation of Project Contract & Bidding Documents

  • Document & Data Management

  • Owner "In-House" Expert

  • Establishment of Control & Tracking Measures


They have the rare ability to fully represent the District while fostering a positive working environment with the Contractors and the design team. They facilitate problem solving as opposed to simply reporting it. They are completely trustworthy and expect the same from the team. Fidevia is the eyes and ears of the School District without dictating the design and Plancon process. They work with the design team to establish realistic budgets, and limitations and timeframes and support the team by assisting in meetings with municipalities and government agencies and keeping everyone focused on the established goals. Fidevia communicates with the bidders to make sure the project is bid in the best format and during the best possible time. They know the Contractors who bid school work and understand what makes a project desirable to a Contractor, deadlines defined by the School District.

Craig P. Kimmel, AIA, Partner, Reese Lower Patrick & Scott, LTD.

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