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  • Closeout Documents & Audits

  • Financial Analysis

  • Management Analysis

  • Management of Entire Construction Companies

  • Bid Protests

  • Construction Defects

  • Standard of Care Issues

  • Bankruptcies


The money we paid Fidevia was not enough to cover the work that they completed on behalf of WSD. Understand that this construction project was completed in the middle of Lititz, adjacent to the historical zoned area, on a site one block wide by two blocks long with little or no staging area. With his work and effort the project was completed on time (18 months), the school was opened as planned, the adjacent neighbors were very positive of the construction and crews with no major complaints, and the project was completed for less than the original bid prices. I strongly believe that none of this would have happened without Fidevia’s hard work.

Bill Rogers, Building and Property Committee Member, Warwick School District

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